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Zyrion offers one of the most scalable network monitoring solutions in the industry based on its patented, distributed architecture.

Traverse combines fault and performance capabilities, and comprehensive IT and business service monitoring all in one integrated network monitoring software and network management solution. Based on patented technology, Traverse allows IT and business personnel to create unique virtual views of IT components and the discrete business services they support. With Traverse, business unit managers can create "top-down" views of the servers, networks, or applications that are critical to their businesses, allowing them to see if a business service is performing as expected.

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At the same time, IT managers and administrators can create the exact views they need to track the performance of particular devicess, applications or databases they monitor and maintain. For a higher-level view, Traverse provides a true "super-user" view of the entire infrastructure. Traverse also works with Flow-enabled devices to allow users to drill down to the packet level and perform a low-level analysis of the data flowing thorough these device. For example, when users see a spike in the database transaction rates in Traverse, they can click on the Traverse dashboard to see which clients were querying the database and even view the communication protocols being used. This level of integration is unique in the industry and provides extremely quick troubleshooting and analysis of the network.

Product Capabilities (Traverse Network Monitoring Software)
Service Containers
Unique object-oriented, “container” technology that links applications and underlying infrastructure to IT services. Business Service Containers have unlimited staggered and recursive hierarchies and can be created on the fly or dynamically. Rather than just labeling a loose collection of objects as a business service, Traverse goes much further by making its Business Service Containers fully aware of the underlying L2/L3 relationships between components. In building topological awareness and connectivity dependencies into these business containers, Traverse provides IT and business managers with a more valuable business services view showing the full impact of IT infrastructure on service delivery. This is one of the unique features of the Traverse network performance monitoring software application.
Business Service Views
Traverse provides business-oriented views of the performance of the underlying IT infrastructure. This includes split panel views of services, business containers, devices and performance tests. Customizable dashboards can be created to support monitoring of services and infrastructure.
Virtualization Monitoring (VMWare Monitoring)
Zyrion supports seamless monitoring of virtualized environments. Zyrion Traverse is integrated with VMware native API (vSphere, vCenter, ESX, VM Server), and supports continuous monitoring of vMotion enabled virtual machines. More importantly, Traverse maintains mapping of relationships between hosts, guests, applications and services. Trend analysis and reporting for proactive capacity planning/allocation is supported through flexible reporting capabilities. Comprehensive support for private cloud environments is provided by Traverse.
Network Configuration Management (NCM)
The Traverse Configuration Management module enables backup, restore and tracking of changes in network device configurations across the enterprise network. Traverse can manage configurations of thousands of network devices including routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers and security appliances. Configuration Management is an important component of the ITIL framework. Proper tracking and notification of configuration changes in the network prevents unexpected outages, as well as helps to correlate undesired changes in network behavior with recent configuration changes. Traverse provides business service monitoring, network performance management capability, and flexible configuration management in one unified and integrated system.
Dashboard-to-Flow Drilldown
Using integrated Network Flow analysis, go from a business view to the component view and down to the specific offending metrics with a couple of mouse clicks. Traverse enables quick identification of impacted services (what is affected), trouble areas (where to look) and problem sources (what to analyze further). Flow analysis, visualization and reporting helps identify problem sources. Traverse allows you to create (via application configuration) a real-time dashboard and display graphs, tables and charts for flow metrics.
Multi-tenant, Federated Security Model
Traverse has a built-in federated security model which supports multiple departments, users or customers in using a single instance of the software application. The flexible security model allows creating read-only or read-write users, administrative users within a department/domain, or administrative users across departments/domains. Private departmental or user-specific views can be enabled in a single deployment of Traverse, even if the various views are based on monitoring information from the same DGE.
SLA Monitoring and Measurement
Traverse supports specification of SLAs for services and infrastructure in terms of defined metrics, such as, availability, latency and CIR. Traverse measures compliance against defined SLAs, and provides reports of compliance against SLAs using real-time SLA dashboards. Traverse provides business services SLA management capability(e.g. ecommerce website uptime %) as well.
Synthetic Transaction Manager
Traverse supports definition of application use ‘test cases’, and specification of frequency of test execution. Traverse runs tests against production environments and monitors key performance metrics for services and infrastructure. This capability enables focused testing against production environments to confirm that services are performing as expected.
Composite Performance Metrics
Traverse supports definition of composite or aggregated metrics from base metrics through use of a variety of ‘aggregation operators’. Tests and performance thresholds can be defined for composite metrics. This capability is applicable for top-level or aggregate service and infrastructure performance analysis (e.g. want to monitor the total traffic across a set of application servers).
Event Manager and On-Demand Actions
Traverse captures, processes and displays a variety of events such as SNMP Traps, Win Events, and Syslogs. The functionality is completely web based (no java). Traverse supports acknowledgement and annotation of events. Selected events can be suppressed until a given time, and de-duplication and correlation of events of the same category is supported. From the device-level view, application users can invoke the event manager and initiate on-demand customized actions, such as creation of remediation work tickets for example.
Real-time and Historical Reporting
Traverse retrieves data upon request and generates real-time and historical reports and views based on the actual state of infrastructure. Traverse supports trend reports that provide short-term and long-term trend plots of imminent violations, and customized reports for fault, performance, threshold, message and inventory. Traverse's strength is in its reports and statistical information, ranging from simple top-N tables to complex correlation graphs and trend reports using regression analysis.
Topology Discovery and Mapping
Traverse automatically discovers applications, networks, servers, and systems on initial discovery and the relationship between the different L2/L3 devices using technologies such as CDP, DHCP, ARP, ICMP, and route tables. It can then build the topology map between network devices such as switches, routers, VLANs, ATM/frame-relay, and older generation bridges and hubs. Traverse includes an unmatched component template and signature library for IT infrastructure. The infrastructure management and remote server monitoring software provides the ability to create a hierarchical model and then link to actual component instances in the network.
Distributed Data Gathering and Analysis
Traverse Data Gathering Engine (DGE) is an independent data gathering element that collects, analyzes, and stores performance data locally from networks, devices, systems, servers, and applications. DGE's collect the alarms, events, and polls from the various infrastructure elements such as servers, routers, and applications. Each DGE has its own distributed relational database. Each DGE collects data according to the definitions it has been given from the Object Store. These definitions include which devices it should monitor, how frequently it should monitor such devices, and what it should do with the results. This information is then progressively summarized over time (5 minutes to 1 hour to 1 day to 1 week, etc.) as well as analyzed relative to thresholds, key events, alarms for taking appropriate actions. Traverse’s Data-gathering Engine (DGE) Extensions enable capturing performance data from closed or secure networks by eliminating the need for inbound connections from the primary data aggregation point. Furthermore, the DGE Extensions do not require any static IP addresses, and thus new data gathering elements can be added quickly whenever and wherever needed.
Correlation and Smart Notification Engine
Zyrion Traverse provides advanced root cause analysis (RCA) features that extend beyond traditional network level analysis. The root cause analysis engine is based on a Service Object Model designed for analyzing end-to-end business impact instead of just stopping at the network layer. Real-time alarms are triggered based on approaching maximum capacity, traps, log messages, user defined maintenance, etc., taking into account the complex relationships between IT elements for delivering distributed applications .Traverse's Smart Notification Engine (SME) automatically suppresses transient flaps, and prevents alarm floods based on topology and service dependencies. The multi-stage alarm engine provides a comprehensive escalation process to send notifications based on how long a device has been in warning or critical condition, and on time of day and status on repeated polling. The smart suppression engine uses complex heuristics to avoid false suppression of alarms in redundant networks.
GoogleMaps Integration
Traverse is integrated with Google Maps to enable advanced visualization of network infrastructure using overlay geographical views. Traverse supports cascading layers of live maps, enabling drill-down from a global view through to national, regional and local views, all the way down to an individual device or Service Container. Custom static images can be included in the drill-down to support viewing of the infrastructure layout in a datacenter, equipment room or server rack. Traverse provides an intuitive graphical user interface to create maps, along with drag-and-drop inclusion of hotspots and their constituent IT infrastructure. The combination of the geographical views and topological views provides the necessary end-to-end display capabilities to quickly identify performance problems, easily determine impacted organizations and services, and rapidly uncover root causes.
Support for Diverse IT Infrastructure
Zyrion's infrastructure management and remote server monitoring software supports a wide range of infrastructure that includes applications (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Exchange, Apache, WebLogic, WebSphere, etc.), servers (Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, Windows, Novell, VMware, etc.), network devices ( Cisco, Foundry, Juniper, Avaya, Amperion, Neoteris, etc.), firewalls, content delivery systems, storage infrastructure, fixed wireless nodes, VoIP infrastructure, and environmental management components. Traverse supports remote server monitoring.
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